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From Imprivata to Tausight with David Ting CTO and Founder

August 27, 2021: The IT system is a living, breathing organism. It changes. It evolves. Things are added. Things are removed. Things are altered. It's a living, breathing beast. And that's how you have to look at it. David Ting, Chief Technology Office and Founder, takes us through his journey from Imprivata to Tausight. Tausight is designed to help CIOs and CISOs ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of PHI. It's not a matter of IF you'll have a cyber incident. It's a matter of WHEN. And more importantly, how do you get back to business? How do you start the defense of your system? How do you gain visibility into the PHI? How it's used, where it's moving to, how it's secured and who's using it? How do you get statistical data from across your entire infrastructure to say how consistent can I make my infrastructure and how precise can that be?

Key Points:

  • I see healthcare IT systems as truly a mission critical infrastructure [00:02:35
  • Healthcare unlike the other verticals is hyper-connected [00:06:15
  • How do you respond to rogue software that worms its way across multiple end points? [00:32:50
  •  I hate to use the word AI because it's really an extension of just better data science and being able to see insights from the noise of the data [00:42:36
  • Tausight


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