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February 19, 2021: Whichever way you look at the pandemic, it truly is a fascinating topic. Today we dive into it from a data, information and innovation standpoint with John Brownstein, Epidemiologist, Harvard Professor and Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital. How can we utilize the data that we have at our fingertips to make better decisions? How can we bring in AI, voice, machine vision and other new areas of tech in order to supplement the clinician, reduce their burnout and improve patient outcomes? As a Chief Innovation Officer how do you determine what areas you're going to focus on? How do we bring the disciplines of disease, surveillance and modeling to a federal level where we have full visibility? And what kinds of things can we put into an education program to make the next generation more aware of what's facing them?

Key Points:

  • Until recently, there's been a bit of a void in articulating the science and being as evidence-based as possible to get the public engaged in these very challenging times [00:02:20
  • The pandemic has exposed major data gaps [00:09:13
  • There's a big data gap in what government agencies are providing today in terms of a real-time visibility [00:12:01
  • What is the value of participatory surveillance? [00:12:55
  • The mask wearing debate still rages on [00:14:40
  • We were caught flat footed with this virus. We started applying control strategies but with very uneven control efforts in different parts of the country. We didn’t have a national strategy. [00:17:05
  • Boston Children’s Hospital 
  • ABC News: John Brownstein 


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