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Field Report: Rady Children’s Hospital with CIO Albert Oriol

May 27, 2020: For today’s episode of This Week in Health IT, we sit down with Albert Oriol, who is the CIO of Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego is the largest children's hospital in California and provides services to the San Diego, southern Riverside and Imperial counties. In this episode, Albert gives us his perspective on how the county and Rady have handled the COVID-19 crisis. We discuss remote working arrangements and how they may change the working environment at Rady coming out of the pandemic, and Albert tells us about some of the adjustments that Rady has made to keep staff and employees safe. Albert also shares how Rady works with other health systems and hospitals in the county, and why they are preparing to treat young adults if there is a surge in cases. Finally, we talk about the technological, genealogical, and logistics developments Rady has made during the pandemic, including increased telemedicine. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Abert’s perceptive on how San Diego and Rady has handled COVID-19.
  • Remote working arrangements for Albert and how Rady has upped video conferencing.
  • How the working environment might change coming out of the pandemic.
  • Adjustments to Rady’s remote working conditions for staff and consultants in the new normal.
  • How Rady works with other health systems in the county.
  • Why and how Rady is preparing to treat young adults if the need arises.
  • Technology developments at Rady, including telemedicine and drive-through testing.


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