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April 1, 2020: All crises are different, but they each reveal the importance of having a good crisis and emergency infrastructure in place. Nader Mherabi, CIO of NYU Langone Health, is our guest today, and he joins us to talk about how they are weathering the current storm. In this episode, we learn more about the community they serve and what’s it’s like being at the epicenter of the nation’s coronavirus crisis. We learn more about how previous crises, like Hurricane Sandy and 9/11, have helped them prepare for the current outbreak. While this one is ongoing, Langone’s ability to be nimble and flexible has benefited them greatly. Naber also sheds light on their telehealth services and its expansion, what their analytics team is working on, and ways that they have helped their staff stay safe and productive. In the end, being prepared for a crisis comes down to long-term preparation and investment, and it is important that the patients' and staffs' well-being is integral to these systems. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn about NYU Langone Health, what they’re doing, their reach and communities served.
  • What Langone Health is doing to serve the community in the face of the coronavirus crisis.
  • Langone’s crisis and emergency infrastructure and what they've learned from this crisis.
  • Two ways Langone and Nader are taking care of their staff and ensuring they are safe.
  • Important lessons that Nader has learned from this specific crisis.
  • Find out what’s on the Langone dashboard and other things the analytics team is doing. 
  • Nader’s top tip: Have effective communication channels in place long before a crisis.


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