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April 27, 2020: To continue our coronavirus field report series we are joined by Kristin Myers who is the Senior Vice President of Technology at Mount Sinai in New York City! Kristin takes us through some updates and perspectives, giving insight into her health center as well as the city as a whole. She emphasizes the difference that has been made by structure, good communication, and the innovative ways that challenges have been approached. It is these things that have helped doctors and the organizations make progress in the face of such challenging times. We discuss the speedy ways that systems have been installed and how much faster everything has worked within the current crunch and limitations. Kristin pays due credit to the people on the frontlines putting in the extra work and effort as well as highlights what this crisis has shown us about what is possible. We finish off our brief chat thinking about preparing for the following stages of the crisis and what may come after this current phase. For all of that, join Bill and Kristin for this field report!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An update from Kristin on the state of things in New York City currently. 
  • The importance of structure, communication and creativity during these times.
  • Getting physicians up to speed on new systems in telehealth.
  • The extent to which telehealth has helped efforts during the crisis.
  • How much faster things have moved in response to the pandemic, due to hard working teams.
  • Preparations for after the surge and considering how New York City might change. 


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