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June 24, 2020: Welcome to this episode of the Field Report! Today’s guest is Tahir Ali, from Froedtert Health. Tahir serves as Froedtert Health’s chief technology officer of information technology, providing the leadership and vision to grow the Froedtert & MCW network further through technology acquisitions, leveraging existing technology investments and the use of technological resources. His primary areas of responsibility include the effective management of the daily operations of all technology, including the data center, telecommunications, technical services, desktop engineering, network operations, vendor management and field support. In this episode, we discuss EHR, AI and automation, and disaster recovery, and Tahir explains how Froedtert uses scalability to avoid unreliable networks through unintelligent design. We also talk about on-prem versus cloud, and Tahir gives us his argument for avoiding lock-in, and he also shares with us what he believes will be the most important projects in healthcare coming out of COVID-19. For more on the benefits of AI for both automation and security, make sure not to miss this episode of the Field Report!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Tahir explains how Froedtert has experienced the pandemic thus far.
  • The upgrades to Froedtert’s EHR system prior to COVID to ensure scalability.
  • How AI was built into the servers for specialized EHR workloads and storage was upgraded.
  • Tahir’s experience with Hurricane Sandy, how it changed his thinking on disaster recovery.
  • How EHR systems can be automated through AI and whether PACS has AI built into it too.
  • How Froedtert uses scalability to avoid unreliable networks through unintelligent design.
  • What drives the decision for Tahir on on-prem versus cloud and why he prefers on-prem.
  • Tahir explains the value of creating abstraction layers to avoid vendor lock-in on the cloud.
  • Why Tahir considers mobile accessibility the most important thing coming out of COVID-19.
  • How Tahir believes healthcare can deliver a standardized experience within homes.
  • Seeing AI built into a number of systems going forward, and the benefits for security and automation.


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