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May 14, 2020: Our guest for our Field Report episode is Kristin Darby, Enterprise CIO for Envision Healthcare. We sit down with Kristin to talk about Envision Healthcare, the impact that COVID-19 has had for them, and how they have responded. Technology, especially telehealth services, have been extremely important to a data-driven organization like Envision, as has collaboration with members of the healthcare industry. In this episode, we discuss how Envision addresses their platforms and architecture in order to respond quickly to a rapidly evolving set of use cases, and Kristin gives us some example of specific use cases they have encountered and how Envision has scaled their telehealth systems to respond to unmet needs. We close the episode with a discussion about unique versus out-of-the-box solutions and how the tools Envision has developed are useful not only in acute settings, but in office practices, post-acute, and urgent care centers too. Don’t miss this Field Episode with Kristin Darby!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kristin tells listeners about Envision Healthcare.
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Envision Healthcare and how they responded.
  • The importance of telemedicine and collaboration for Envision during COVID-19.
  • How Envision addresses their platforms and architecture in order to respond quickly.
  • How Envision scaled their telehealth services and the particular use cases they encountered.
  • The importances of easy-to-use technology for all providers.
  • Kristin gives some examples of the use cases and evolutions of the tech they encountered.
  • How Envision acquires and develops their technology solutions based on evolving need.


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