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Field Report: Atrium Health with Andy Crowder CIO

May 21, 2020: Today’s guest for our Field Report episode is Andy Crowder, Chief Information and Analytics Officer at Atrium Health. Andy has actually been on the show with us once before, when we spoke about building out the health consumer experience. He is a seasoned executive leader with 26 years of experience spanning healthcare, hospitality and engineering technology. Today, we’re going to discuss Health IT's role in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, including Atrium’s approach to communications, data and analytics, technology, and virtual service delivery. In this episode, Andy describes Atrium’s experience of the pandemic, and the role technology has played in conducting meetings, virtual healthcare services, and keeping families connected. We also discuss work-from-home strategies for keeping teams connected and the precautions Atrium is taking to help employees return to the office safely. Andy explains how Atrium is aligning their strategy, optimization efforts, and care transformation going forward, as well as how digital and virtual healthcare solutions can not only integrate into physical experiences, but change the way we view brick and mortar operations altogether. Don’t miss this episode of the Field Report!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Andy speaks about how Atrium handles internal and external communication.
  • Andy describes Atrium’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic for the first 30 to 60 days.
  • The importance of collaboration and data and analytics to support rapid decision making.
  • Andy describes his title of chief information analytics officer at Atrium.
  • The role technology has played in meetings, virtual health, and keeping families connected.
  • Pros and cons of teams working remotely and Atriums strategy for returning to their offices.
  • Atrium’s safety precautions for bringing employees back to the office.
  • Productivity versus collaboration with remote teams and maintaining a sense of community.
  • Aligning strategy, optimization efforts, and care transformation post-COVID.
  • Digital and virtual solutions may change the way we view brick and mortar operations.
  • How virtual experiences could integrate into physical experiences with healthcare providers.


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