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Cerner Corporation will provide life insurers access to 54M+ patient records via MIB. Outraged?

But before we do that, let's check out a few lines from the article to figure out who we should be outraged at.


MIB was already offering access to patient records via Epic and Meditech, said the company. 

MIB's EHR partnerships aim to allow life insurers to accelerate policy underwriting for applicants who give express consent, according to the company's website. 

The new partnership follows Cerner's announcement this past month that it was collaborating with New York Life to provide secure access to EHRs with patient consent.

Just a day later, Cerner's EHR competitor Epic announced that it had entered the "next phase" of its connectivity collaboration with Humana, geared toward streamlining prior authorization and claims processing.


I think a question to consider is who controls the medical record and in this case the patient has to give consent. So I guess we should be outraged at the patients. Wait?

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