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Rural Healthcare, Social Determinants, and Retail Partnerships are the topic of today's show.


Dollar General said Wednesday that it has hired its first chief medical officer and will add products such as cold and cough medication and dental supplies to shelves as it aims to become a health-care destination.

The fast-growing discounter has more than 17,400 stores across the country, including many in rural areas that don’t have many other grocers or major pharmacies nearby. However, it has been criticized by some lawmakers for selling few healthy foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and boxing out other retailers that would otherwise open in the areas and sell a wider array of groceries.

On Wednesday, the retailer said it hired Dr. Albert Wu as its chief medical officer. He previously worked for McKinsey & Company, where he led a team that focused on health-care-related projects, such as providing care to thousands of rural patients, modeling how to support pandemic relief efforts and designing a digitally driven health insurance.


What is your retail partnership strategy? What is your rural health strategy? What is your social determinants strategy?

Just wondering.

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