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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Health Disparities were front and center at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. A small sample.

Health Disparities

"While African-Americans comprise of only about 14% of the state's population, they comprise 40% of the deaths related to COVID 19, the state of Michigan." Henry Ford Health System

"We have two times the rate for hypertension in our African-American population than we do in our Caucasian". Advocate-Aurora


"Our board approved our 2021 KPIs, which include improving workforce diversity, specifically racial and ethnic diversity for leadership and improving access to care in all the communities where we serve as part of our board recruitment process, we added two wonderful board members to SSM health. They bring racial diversity and tremendous gifts and talents and depth to our dialogue perspectives and work. We added diversity training, exploring unconscious bias for our leaders. We address that in every one of our leadership council meetings. Over the course of the year, we updated our socially adjust wage policy and recently implemented a new minimum wage across our system, which affected directly 1700 of our employees." SSM Health

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