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October 29, 2021: Andrew Sorenson, Chief Analytics Officer at Castell joins us to talk care traffic control. Specifically, value-based care contracts across clinically integrated networks with a deep dive into data. Not only the EHR data, but information around the social determinants of health and payer data too. Intermountain and Castell are making huge progress in this area. What are some of the challenges that health systems face when they make the jump to value based care contracts? How do you manage cost and quality? What are some of the data sets that you have to bring together to make it work? How do you engage clinicians in the process? What drives the highest quality improvements and how does the patient experience this integrated solution?

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:04:20 Re-Imagined Primary Care

00:09:30 - One of the key challenges that I hear that health systems are facing is a timing question

00:13:05 - The surveillance process is really important

00:19:00 - When I put my product hat on I need to be a reducer and not a producer

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