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Dale Sanders on Data Quality, Standards and Collection Through the Pandemic

July 23, 2021: Our quality measure strategy in the US is NOT working. We need to shift from a process-oriented focus to focusing on eliminating low value care and easing clinical data entry burden. Dale Sanders, Chief Strategy Officer at IMO brings his military, technology strategist and data expertise to the subject. A recent IMO and HIMSS survey reported issues with inconsistent data due to subjective documentation from providers. Despite these issues, organizations are using patient data for quality measurement and reporting (81%), revenue cycle management (60%), and clinical decision support (55%). Is there no silver bullet for improving the quality of data? Will we continue to struggle applying AI until we get a higher quality? There was a lot of confusion around data during the pandemic. What would a much better scenario look like for US healthcare if we see another global pandemic in our lifetime?

Key Points:

  • Why is hiring someone from the military such a good idea for employers? [00:09:59
  • Most patients have an inherent trust in their physician [00:16:40
  • Orders and results have to be harmonized to national standards [00:37:25
  • For the terrible tragedy that was COVID, I think it's going to have a big, positive impact on society [00:46:55
  • The separation between public health and population health that we see in the US does not exist in other countries [00:49:10
  • IMO


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