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CVS is a player in COVID testing and vaccine administration. They have EPIC as their EHR. Why don't they have open FHIR endpoints? Why aren't they participating in the Vaccine Credential Initiative?

CVS was selected to distribute the vaccine in 40,000 long term care facilities across the US. At the JPM Conference, they announced that they had administered over 700,000 vaccines which accounted for 10% of the total vaccines that had been administered. 

They certainly have and will benefit from Operation Warp Speed.

"We increased the number of consumers we interact with daily, through our testing, and soon to be our vaccine services, approximately 40% of our return ready clients are new to CVS health. And number 6 million people who tested for COVID at a CVS location are not currently CVS pharmacy customers." Karen Lynch the next CEO at CVS

Wouldn't it make sense to have one of the largest COVID testing and vaccine distributors share that information with the rest of the healthcare community? Just a thought.

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