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July 1, 2020: It’s more important than ever for IT companies to provide transformative and efficient vertical strategies. In this episode, we explore how the current crisis has catapulted these from being theoretical to practical. Today’s guests are Ed Gillispie and Cathy Meister from Lenovo, the number one PC provider worldwide. Ed is the VP and General Manager of Public Sector and Healthcare and Cathy is the Leader of Healthcare Sales. They’ll share creative ways to deliver technology solutions, Lenovo’s “3S” strategies, how leniency on HIPAA compliance has helped during the crisis and ways to reduce upfront costs in these tight financial times, for both individuals in the home and large healthcare facilities.

 Key Points:

  • Making technology solutions more easily accessible and affordable for everyone [00:02:30]
  • Intelligent transformation explained [00:03:00
  • Lenovo share their 3S strategies: Smart IoT, smart infrastructure and smart vertical solutions [00:03:20]
  • How can philanthropists help? [00:04:10
  • The huge pressure on supply chains currently affecting the IT industry [00:07:15
  • Intensive projects that would normally take months are being implemented in just weeks [00:08:05
  • How to strategize with different communities going through different phases of the crisis [00:09:00]
  • Lenovo’s approach to home based care, virtual, remote monitoring and tracking [00:13:45]


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