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COVID Series: MacGyvering Telehealth with Texas Health Resources with San Banerjee

March 26, 2020: San Banerjee from Texas Health Resources joins us on the show today to share his expertise on telehealth and to continue our series on COVID-19. He unpacks how systems can easily get started on the telehealth project if not already up to speed by using easy apps and resources such as Skype and FaceTime. His recommendation is to connect these different platforms in order to cover all the bases needed for an effective telehealth service. San explains how Texas Health Resources has laid out their system, using Microsoft Teams as the centerpiece. We also get into just how quickly these advancements have been engaged with and adopted by health professionals whose institutions were maybe not quite up to speed before the corona crisis. In addition, the conversation covers some of the challenges that can arise trying to stand new operations during a crisis and our guest shares some information about a helpful app that he and the organization adapted to address these. Listeners will also hear about the idea of the democratization of EHR and what is going on on the ground in Dallas at present. Make sure to listen in as we show you just how possible it is to get up to date with telehealth!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Making a start on telemedicine; using simple tech to get connected. 
  • Employing a combination of services to build out a telehealth system. 
  • Microsoft Teams' utility in tying the different pieces of telehealth tech together.
  • The response from doctors to the imperative for telehealth; enthusiasm and progression.
  • Arising challenges in the crisis and the healthcare app that San and his team have launched. 
  • Maintaining a single point of truth during the crisis; the democratization of EHR. 
  • An update on the current situation in Dallas; patient numbers and more. 


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