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May 1, 2020: In this episode we explore the federal money that is available to healthcare organizations to fund the advancement of telehealth. We’re going to talk about the CARES Act funding for telehealth with Eli Tarlow, former CIO of Sirius Healthcare. Of course, given the nature of this global event, it is increasingly important to find alternative funding sources for health IT, such as telehealth systems. CARES stands for Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security, and it is actually the third such stimulus buildup of its kind, which has approved an amount of $200 million of funding to eligible healthcare providers for IT and telehealth services. This includes real-time monitoring devices like pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitors, telecom and broadband connectivity services, and other devices that support the practice of telehealth. Eli Tarlow will walk us through what kinds of institutions and organizations are eligible, and what requirements they will need to fulfill in order to receive funding. Stay tuned for some useful resources!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Eli explains the difference between the CARES and the two related acts that came before it.
  • What kinds of institutions and equipment are eligible for funding.
  • What requirements healthcare providers need to fulfill in order to be eligible for funding.
  • Three aspects to consider to make telehealth work: is it possible? Is there an interest? Does the reimbursement model exist?
  • Congress considering another bill to expand medical aid reimbursements for therapy.
  • The process of applying for CARES funding isn’t difficult.
  • Both active and future services by organizations are eligible for CARES funding.
  • CARES Funding is on a first come first served basis.


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