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I get asked some version of the Who's winning the Healthcare conference race on a weekly basis. To be honest, I don't care. Each one has a place an a certain type of value.


HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf said the organization was "thrilled with the numbers" of participants in this year's HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition and raised the possibility of continuing with a joint digital and in-person approach going forward.


My so what. 

HIIMSS is down from it's 40,000 number but what public event isn't. It has had a rough couple of years but the future is bright. HLTH is the up and comer with deep pockets, great marketing and momentum. Beckers is rock solid, and CHIME events are always great networking.

The bigger question to me is how do you use these events both personally and professionally. That is what we explore on Today in Health IT.

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