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What do you think it communicates to patients when their health system tries to hide the price of care? Just curious.

CMS issued new guidance on Price Transparency. 


Hospitals are required to provide "clear, accessible pricing information online," according to CMS, and the Hospital Price final rule mandates all machine-readable files and their contents be "accessible without barriers" and "searchable" for consumers. On the new guidance released on Github, CMS says they expect hospitals to comply with these requirements

In early February, 65 of the 100 largest hospitals in the U.S did not comply, according to research by Health Affairs. Many did not put out any files or provided broken links to databases.

On the platform experts are answering questions and providing examples of file layouts and data displays compliant with current price transparency regulations. Prior to the guidance some files were being tagged with code written to keep search engines like Google from indexing names and prices listed on hospital websites. The Wall Street Journal first reported that hundreds of hospitals embedded this code into their sites so that web crawlers could not pick it up, making it difficult for consumers to access.


Think we will get better compliance this time around?

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