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What does the ONC do for Health IT? Health Equities? Public Health?

Micky Tripathi the IT Coordinator for ONC sat down with Russ Branzell of CHIME at the summer forum to discuss his first couple months in the role and his vision for what they might accomplish.

He shared the aspirational and the practical. 

Vision for the next couple of years.

 1. CIOs to think about innovation again. Away from regulatory demands.

 2. Solve the last inch of interoperability.

 3. Break down the silos between clinical, administration, public health and research for commodity data.

 4. Take advantage of platform business and technical models.

 5. Mitigate health equity and intercept it upstream.

The practical

Information Blocking and 21st Century cures is a law. Help organizations to understand and implement the data sharing constructs to deliver on the objectives of that law. "to help accelerate medical product development and bring new innovations and advances to patients who need them faster and more efficiently"

Big job, great balance of the aspirational and the practical. We look forward to working with you Micky.

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