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Looking for ideas on how to engage patients in their health? CHIME Summer Forum had Daniel Nigrin, Natalie Pageler MD, CT Lin MD, share success stories from their health systems with moderator David Chou 

I love these sessions because they are like idea books for health systems. Not industry that I've been a part of is as open to sharing and collaborative as healthcare. 

Some quotes from the presentation.

Nigrin "Telehealth is the fuel that has driven our COVID response."

Pageler "for incredibly complex children, like we see at Stanford children's health, there is so much information and so many doctors and caregivers involved that it is absolutely critical that the patients and families have access to all the information and import it from one care provider to another in order to provide comprehensive, coordinated care"

Lin "Our Notes - It's actually asking patients to contribute and review their doctors, EHR notes, and then writing their own note in the EHR. Basically an interim HPI. And then asking three questions. That they would like to discuss with their provider and an upcoming visit."

Telehealth in all of its forms, Information sharing in complex cases, image sharing and Our Notes are just some of the examples of how we can engage our patients in their care.

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