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How did your health system make it through the pandemic and what's next?

Great topic for a panel discussion.

Moderator - Tanya Townsend - CIO Louisiana Children's Medical Center

Angela Diop CIO, Unity Health Care - FQHC

Aaron Miri - CIO, Dell Medical School & UT Health Austin

Richard Corbridge - CIO Boots IT UK

"it was really a lot of effort for us to maintain some of these on-prem systems and servers. And so making that decision and moving that infrastructure to the cloud was incredible and pretty much in the nick of time because of the pandemic. We really were able to maintain uptime and availability and, and scale" Angela Diop

"Trust is built from transparency" Aaron Miri

"The easiest way to get consent for sharing data (beyond it's original purpose of primary care) is to simply ask for consent. And we appear to not be doing that." Richard Corbridge 

Clearly they said a lot of other great things, but these posts have a character limit. Check out my retrospective on this and several other keynotes from the @CHIME summer forum.

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