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What do we learn about the future of interoperability and data sharing when seven former National Coordinators for health IT covering four administrations are on stage together.

Micky Tripathi, Biden Administration

Don Rucker Trump Administration

Vindell Washington Obama Administration

Karen Desalvo - Obama Administration

Farzad Mostashari - Obama Administration

David Blumenthal - Obama Administration

Rob Kolodner - Bush Administration

The primary thing we learn is the continuity of the strategy across administrations.  Karen Desalvo summed it up well when she said "And it's just important. I think for the audience to understand that the theme here is that we build on each other's work. And we try to do that in a very nonpartisan way, because that gives the industry a lot more certainty about where the future's going to go."

21st Century Cures wasn't a fluke, it was a continuation of a strategy that frees the data from silos in order to bring advances to the patients when they need them. To give them actionable data and agency over that data in pursuit of health. To give them choice in their health decisions and to provide clinicians with powerful tools to make them more effective in the delivery of care.

Mistakes have been made on the journey, but the direction remains the same across the last two decades of work by the ONC national coordinators. 

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