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July 17, 2020: Today we get an exclusive peek into the health system of Cherokee Nation, one of the largest Native American tribes located in Oklahoma. How do they manage modern day healthcare? What techniques do they use to handle COVID in this large rural expanse? Did you know that ZERO of their staff contracted COVID throughout the course of their duties? Joining us is Dr. James Stallcup Enterprise CMIO and Medical Director for the Wilma P Mankiller Health Center to talk about offering Cadillac telemedicine at Craigslist prices. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn about the biggest outpatient clinic that stands at half a million square feet [00:03:55]
  • At the beginning of COVID, Mankiller had about one fifth of the equipment in place, how did they scale up so quickly? [00:09:55
  • Find out which health systems are going to live past the pandemic [00:12:55]
  • Can a Kindle really replace a real live human check-in clerk? [00:15:00]
  • Ethical issues and consumerism in healthcare IT [00:13:50]
  • Learn great interviewing techniques on James Stallcup’s YouTube channel [00:24:30]
  • Bill and James also give their resume tips [00:26:15

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