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April 30, 2021: The CIO role is getting bigger and more encompassing. What are the loudest drivers that set your agenda as a leader today? How do you prioritise what you're going to do each week? Reid Stephen, VP, CIO for St. Luke's discusses the difference between urban and rural digital strategies and what it takes to have a high functioning team. What are the key learnings as we move through the pandemic? What interesting partnerships has St. Luke's embarked on? Is the Microsoft and Nuance partnership on the exam room of the future good for healthcare? What sign posts show that you have the right culture? And for people early on in their career, what prepares them to be a good CIO?

Key Points:

  • Technical skills are much easier to grow and develop in people than the soft skills [00:12:35]
  • The three Cs of design disease [00:23:55
  • I think any CIO should be actively curating and cultivating a rolodex of peers that they can bounce ideas off of and share best practices [00:37:25
  • How do you ensure you’re addressing business priorities, IT priorities and experience priorities all at once? [00:27:50
  • Microsoft and Nuance partner on the exam room of the future [00:37:55
  • St. Luke's


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