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October 1, 2021: Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated. It’s no longer a matter of WILL they get in but WHEN? Ryan Witt, Industries Solutions and Strategy Leader at Proofpoint and Gary Gooden, Chief Technology and Security Officer at Seattle Children's run us through scenarios to watch out for. Did you know that 81% of emails are being identified as malicious and getting blocked at this point? And Proofpoint stops roughly 450 million threats of all types on a daily basis. When it comes to people, process and technology, where do you allocate your resources and time? Have you embarked on a zero trust journey? Is your endpoint detection service 24/7 365? And what is isolation technology?

Key Points:

  • Credentials are the nirvana state of any bad actor or cyber criminal organization. Once they get those they have an incredible ability to decide what sort of exploit they want to launch against your institution. [00:03:30
  • Credential skimming and credential gathering is a big deal [00:10:41
  • Security is what I refer to as the tip of the spirit, the innovation. And not security for the sake of creating friction. [00:15:30
  • Deep Packet Inspection technology is critical [00:29:00
  • Proofpoint 
  • Seattle Children's 


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