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Big Tech is not Exiting Healthcare Anytime Soon

Google shook the healthcare world with their Google health reorg. Too much? You're probably right. 

What can we take from this? Is Big Tech Exiting Healthcare? Former Amazon Exec and Current Providence Digital Health Leader Aaron Martin says, no.


  • Amazon will do well in DTC pharma, OTC, and at some point, pharmacy benefit management. The jury is out on care delivery via Amazon Care because it’s really complex. That said, Amazon, when committed, is the most successful tech company in the world at growing beyond its existing competencies. Remember, they weren’t in hardware before Kindle, and practically invented scalable cloud computing.
  • Walmart, don’t forget, is already the third largest pharmacy by store count. I think they also have a good shot at care delivery because they run pharmacies and complex services organizations. Just serving their own employees will drive significant economics back to them. 
  • Microsoft has wisely stuck to its core competency and strength in selling cloud services and technology to enable the industry participants. Note that it’s not without competition, as Google and Amazon are also selling similar enabling services into the industry.
  • Google still has Verily, FitBit, and other very important health care properties and technology working in health care as a colleague pointed out to me on Twitter. I think the danger as they fold their health care business into their operating units, health care will be de-emphasized.
  • Apple – who knows? We only have a sense of their direction based on the limited public statements and launches they’ve made. I think the Apple Watch could be a great all-purpose platform for RPM. Problem is it’s a closed platform, only on iOS, and it’s expensive.


That's not the most important point in this article. The most important point is that we have many gaps for competitors to come in and take advantage of and we need to keep up the pace of innovation. Agree??

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