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July 30, 2021: Cybersecurity is like Whack-a-Mole. You think you have one thing covered but the bad guys are 10 steps ahead of you. Cletis Earle, CIO for Penn State Health discusses the best approach to the growing cybersecurity threats plus telehealth, ERP, supply chain, return to work and the ever changing CIO role. How do you build a new hospital tower, new HR system, new time management system and a new rev cycle all in three months? What are the major challenges in terms of managing these projects? How do you stay connected to your staff in a remote world? And has being a successful CIO become more of an art than science?

Key Points:

  • We are involved in petabytes and petabytes of data and it's not easy [00:10:05
  • I've yet to talk to a healthcare CIO who said I'm bored [00:14:30
  • We are anticipating about 50% of the workforce will be hybrid [00:16:05
  • Security is not just about keeping them out. It's also about identifying the anomalous traffic within the network and shutting that down and segmenting it [00:21:35
  • CEO's and other C titles are high target threats [00:22:50
  • We’re going to have to have AI fight AI [00:26:50
  • Penn State Health


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