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Daniel Barchi stopped by for a discussion and we got to talking about vendors making the sale in healthcare. I liked it so much I thought I would share it in this channel. Great insight from a great leader.


Today in health, it, sometimes we make the news and last week I talked to Daniel Barchie he shared something. That I thought was so fundamental in terms of how our vendor partners approach health systems to sell into health systems. That I thought I would share it on the today show. So that's what we're going to talk about.

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Okay. Here's a short clip from a conversation that I had with Daniel Barchie just last week. And I'm going to come back after I share the clip and talk about my, so what on this.

📍 📍 I'd like to offer our vendor partners a little help on working in healthcare and CIO's really have a ton of responsibility. And as a group, they don't like when people waste their time.

And you'll have to pardon this, but you have a reputation as someone that doesn't suffer fools lightly. So, meaning that you don't have patience for vendors or partners that don't have their stuff together or don't do their homework before they come in. And all of us have had that experience. If you're in that chair and you're trying to run real fast, you're managing a lot of people. I guess my question would be, what would you tell vendors that are calling on healthcare CIOs?

I would say that healthcare CIOs are not often the best people to call on because we often have limited resources as our teams are working very hard. And in many cases, we're trying to optimize the tools that we have my recommendation.

And I share those freely with anybody who asks is, know who your customer is. So in many cases, the healthcare CIO is not the best person to be making that sale to. So it might be the CFO who has the vision to know, oh, you're telling me this tool or product could save us X cost on expenses or would increase our revenue by a certain amount. Or maybe it's the Chief Patient Experience Officer. Or maybe it's the Chief Nurse.

Or maybe it's a board member or the CEO who has vision for where we need to go next. So CIO's are often a place where the answer can be no, because it seems like it's competing with the technology portfolio. But thinking only about the technology portfolio misses the opportunity to maximize the benefit of a new idea or new product or new technology for the larger system.

And quite frankly, I might be a person whosay no, that doesn't seem like it's a good use of time or our energy or our dollars. But if our CFO comes to me and says, I just talked to my partner out at this other health system and she's the CFO out there. And she said that they're doing this thing.

Let's investigate it. If our CFO's interested. Good. I'm happy to do it. Or if our Chief Nurse says this would really help, I'm interested. So think about who you're targeting and go to them first.

I love this insight. I get asked this question all the time. What's it going to take to get in front of the CIO? What's going to take to get their attention. And the answer to that really varies. It depends on the system. It depends on the size of the system.

A lot of times in the larger health systems, it might be better to call on the Cisco or the CTO. If you're looking to get into the it organization because they're in charge of infrastructure and operations and security, which are major pieces of the operation. But in many cases, you're trying to sell something that is related to healthcare. You might want to try to find the chief medical officer. You might want to find the head of digital innovation or the head of patient experience.

I it's important to know who your customer is. Who your solution is going to resonate with, do that research, figure out who those people are set up. Those meetings. I don't always try to get to the CEO, the CIO, the CFO. While it's wonderful to get there. A lot of times the sale isn't made there.

I was with an organization once that had a great. Relationship with the CEO and the CEO had essentially told the CIO, Hey, you should work with this company. , that sales cycle took us four years to finally get into that organization. Just having the relationship with the CEO helps, but it doesn't necessarily lead to the sale.

the sale happens when you have the confluence of four things. No, like trust need. They need to know you. They need to like you, they need to trust you and they need to need the solution. This is the one thing that often gets overlooked. It's like, I have the relationships, they know me, they know my organization.

Why aren't they buying this thing? Well, they don't have that specific need yet. Or they don't know that they have that need yet. And so until all those things come together, there typically is not a sale. Well, mate.

There's going to be some out there who say we don't sell to health systems. , we partner with them in those kinds of things. And I understand the language and language is good. But at the end of the day, there's a sale. There's a transaction. There is the definition of a problem. And

Then there is a product or service that is presented as a solution to that problem. And there was a sale that goes on that leads to a contract that leads to a partnership that leads to work being done. And I love this advice from, Daniel. I think it is something that vendor partners. Would benefit from internalizing and trying to figure out who the right person to be calling on within the organization in order to be the most effective partner to that healthcare organization

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