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I'd love your thoughts on two things. 

Apple announced sharing of health records directed by the patient from the phone. How big or small is this announcement?

 Meditech and Cerner were a part of the announcement but not Epic. How big or small of a deal was their non-participation?


Apple is now partnering with Electronic Health Record companies, including Cerner and Meditech, to give users the ability to share their Apple Health data directly with healthcare providers.

Apple is also letting users share their health data with other individuals. A user may choose, for instance, to share their health data with their adult child. In this scenario, a user could see their parent's health data and receive notifications such as high heart rate alerts or changes in mobility. The data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and users have granular control over which types of data to share and with whom.


My $.02. This is a major step for healthcare. Patient directed interoperability has so many benefits. Transparency, data quality, and engagement. Apple is one of the only companies that can pull this off. Huge win for the patient.

My hope is that Epic is working on participating and the details weren't done for the announcement this week. Otherwise this is very disappointing.

Your Thoughts?

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