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Just curious. Are we going to house vaccinated and unvaccinated people in different buildings when we come back to work? Are we going to tell the unvaccinated that they have to stay virtual until they get vaccinated?


Today, we got big announcements from both HIMSS and HLTH about their health and safety plans (for their upcoming conferences)

The big news from each conference organizer was they would both be mandating proof of COVID vaccination to be able to attend the event live. Of course, they’ll both have virtual options for those that don’t want to be vaccinated or can’t be vaccinated.


I go on. Will there be vaccinated and unvaccinated sections of a stadium at events? The NBA may be able to do that, can the local theatre, how about high school orchestra events?

I'm just asking the question. 

HIMSS21 and HLTH to Require Proof of COVID Vaccination at Upcoming In-Person Events

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