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April 9, 2020 We got a chance to catch up and talk data and analytics with Lee Pierce, Healthcare Chief Data Officer with Sirius Healthcare for today’s field report. In our conversation, we talk about the asset data analytics has been to COVID response teams during the crisis as well as some challenges and proud moments teams are experiencing as they scale. We cover the different kinds of data requests that Lee is seeing and the hard task it has been to find ways of firstly digging into different data pools with sometimes limited technology and secondly, merging those insights. Unforeseen collaboration crops up as a major theme for today, and Lee talks about the pace at which significant strides have been made to solve data problems thanks to systems working together. One of the great successes we hear about is the decision to include data analysts as members of response teams. He shares a few other specific problems that have been skillfully resolved, such as a testing issue that involved difficulty accessing LOINC codes. Some of the challenges we talk about are the issues that even the most prepared systems are having accessing real-time data, and how data governance and standardizing definitions are slowing down processes. Catch us today as we get another glimpse at the situation on the ground with Lee Pierce. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The important role data and analytics teams are playing in COVID response teams.
  • What types of information the data teams are providing health systems with.
  • Which health systems are coping with the complex task of searching their data.
  • One type of data even the most prepared systems are having trouble monitoring.
  • The difficulty of gathering from multiple unrelated pools of financial, health, and HR data.
  • How key the practice of collaboration has been for accurately searching data.
  • A challenging testing problem involving LOINC codes that was solved by data teams.
  • Challenges around finding standardized definitions of data types that are slowing processes.
  • Why an emergency data governance organization was set up.
  • Otherwise insurmountable barriers to data sharing between providers that are open now.
  • Lee’s thoughts that analytics will be more a part of future health systems after this.


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