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There is an adage, you learn more from listening than by speaking. Well podcasters, especially those that do interviews are great listeners. Today, Scott Becker and I share notes.

We explore:

What are the highlights of the Becker's Podcast so far? Which US Presidents have the best grasp of healthcare issues? What are the most pressing issues facing health systems in 2021? Do new entrants like Amazon, CVS, Walmart etc pose a real threat? Who do you think is going to win the race to the hospital at home? And what do highly successful CIOs CEOs do that others don’t?

A few quotes from the show:

"The big looming problem we have is not coverage because coverage is solvable. The great problem we have is access. Access is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge with 330 million people and an aging population.” Scott Becker

“Hospitals are trying to figure out to compete against the rest of the world that's moved towards an asset light model where they're an asset heavy model.” Scott Becker


Scott is a wonderful guest who has listened well to industry leaders. We both agree that the industry is amazing, the response to the pandemic, vaccine distribution and leadership through trying times. We also agree that healthcare is entering a time of unprecedented change and we likely heard it from you.

Hope you get a chance to check out the full show at

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