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I may not own my patient record legally, but I want joint custody. I want to be able to decide who has it, where it is stored, who can use it on my behalf and who can sell it, anonymized or not. Am I being unreasonable?

National Patient ID is another step away from this IMHO. Don't worry your little head, we will take care of your medical record for you.


Patient ID Now, a coalition of more than 40 healthcare organizations, released a framework this week aimed at creating a national strategy around patient identification that protects individual safety and security.

In the framework, the coalition calls on the federal government to closely collaborate with the private sector and with other public health authorities in working toward the goal of accurate patient identification. 

"The framework lays the foundation for a national strategy that saves lives, while protecting a patient's choice and privacy rights," Wolf added.


Why would I question the wisdom of the masses? Security, Choice, Privacy and if that weren't enough because a bad working premise leads to bad solutions.

I'm the only constant at the point of care. Me, the patient. Why don't you trust me to handle my medical record.

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