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We heard it again a few weeks back. Big Tech is pulling back from healthcare, it's just too hard for them. Do we really believe that?

What if I asked a healthcare company to build out a next day delivery service for just about everything that exists on the planet, think they would be successful? Are we really smarter than big tech because we are an entrenched incumbent in one of the most complex labyrinths of payment models, special interests, and regulatory requirements. Probably not, we just have a map of the mine field. 

And so they persist. 


Now, Amazon is looking to bring both telehealth and in-person care to Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas and Boston in 2021, people familiar with the deal told Insider.

Additionally, the company plans to bring in-person Amazon Care to 16 cities in 2022.

In July, Insider reported that Amazon Care approached several big health insurers in an effort to expand coverage of its services. The healthcare venture reportedly talked to Aetna, Premera Blue Cross and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Securing health insurance coverage or joining an insurer's network would be a big step for Amazon Care, as it would allow the company to expand services to more companies and patients. It would allow insured people to use Amazon Care as they would any other in-network provider.


Persistence, Intelligence and an amazing amount of money to work with. They will eventually break through.

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