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Why do we care about Amazon Care's Expansion? Because no company can turn a cool app, into a chatbot consult, to an onsite visit to meds in less than 24 hours.

The question now becomes, can Amazon do this at scale. Digital components go nationwide this summer with full service expansion to Washington DC, and Baltimore in the same timeframe.


The tech giant has used Amazon Care for employees in Seattle since 2019 and it is highly rated by employees, 

The service begins with a chatbot, then allows for a virtual visit with a health professional. If needed, a mobile medic will visit a user within 60 minutes; the medic is capable of conducting routine tests such as for strep throat, giving vaccinations or even taking blood samples. Prescriptions can be delivered to the person’s address within two hours, Mr. Parviz said.

“It’s quite different from anything we’ve had in the past,” Mr. Parviz said.


I think United Healthcare / Teladoc is more of a threat to healthcare providers revenue today, but we have this to look forward to as well. 

What are your thoughts? Game changer or another misfire?

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