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April 28, 2021: Digital enhances all aspects of care, extends the reach of health systems and enables new care paradigms. During the pandemic we saw the beginning of a move to more convenient environments like the home or retail. John Groetelaars, CEO discusses Hillrom’s role in advancing connected care from the doctor's office to the hospital to the home plus their digital vision for 2021 and beyond. What’s it like to be a leader of a global organization during a pandemic and time of significant cultural change? How do you keep your manufacturing staff safe? How do you maintain culture with your remote office staff? How do you reduce clinical staff burnout? How does Hillrom identify areas of inequity to ensure that all voices are heard? How are they thinking about a return to the office post pandemic? And as a global company, how will Hillrom continue to innovate in the traditional and emerging digital space moving forward?

Key Points:

  • How much density do CIO’s need in their wireless network for their care settings? When you start counting the number of IP devices, it’s through the roof. [00:04:45
  • Hillrom’s portfolio has 1.3 million devices that are connectable to the ecosystem including acute care, med surge, ICU, the OR, primary care, cardiology, vision care and respiratory care [00:05:30
  • You need to understand what it’s like to be in the shoes of doctors, nurses and caregivers. Really understand their workflow so that you can improve it without being disruptive to them. [00:12:27
  • Hillrom tells all of their employees that diversity, inclusion and belonging is a non-negotiable [00:17:05
  • REACH stands for representation, education, awareness, community and Hillrom [00:18:00
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