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June 16, 2021: Email is the number one cyber attack vector within healthcare. And these days it’s also a patient safety issue. Does your healthcare system have a sound email cybersecurity plan in place? Here to discuss the problem and of course the solution is Julie Hubbard, VP, Enterprise IT & Information Security at AMN Healthcare and Ryan Witt, Managing Director and Resident CISO at Proofpoint. The threat actors are getting more sophisticated. What is the evolution of the threat landscape? Why is the supply chain such a ripe target for these hackers? How far can health systems get on training alone? How has the Proofpoint solution evolved to meet the current threats? How do they use AI and analytics to deter these multi-staged attacks?

Key Points:

  • Successful imposter style phishing attacks are very reliant on sending emails that don't appear suspicious [00:15:55
  • There is now a linkage between cybersecurity and an institution's ability to protect patients [00:03:40
  • 53.7% of malicious URLs originate from legitimate file shares from Microsoft, meaning that people have already gotten into your network [00:10:00
  • WannaCry was a tremendously significant ransomware attack. It should have been an inflection point. [00:07:05
  • Proofpoint 
  • AMN Healthcare


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