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January 6, 2021: There used to be so many tools to fight cyber terrorism and cyber attacks. It was a nightmare. Increased complexity opens the door for human error. What is the industry trying to do around security today? What’s working? What’s not working? David Maddox of Saint Luke's, Tina Thorstenson of CrowdStrike and Vik Nagjee at Sirius discuss their mission to stop breaches. What are the challenges of securing end point devices? The solution cannot interrupt the objective. It cannot stop patient care. It cannot get in the way. It has to justify the investment. It simply HAS to work. 

Key Points:

  • Zero trust framework [00:09:00
  • How do I protect the end points while still keeping everything inside safe and balanced? [00:10:45
  • The difference between signature-based analysis and behavioral analysis 
  • CrowdStrike’s Next Gen solution [00:18:15
  • CrowStrike helps organizations respond in 1, 10, 60. A minute to detect an issue, 10 minutes to triage it and 60 minutes to remediate it. [00:20:05
  • CrowdStrike 
  • Sirius
  • Saint Luke's Health System 


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