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April 16, 2021: The patient experience changed dramatically during COVID. Workflows had to adjust and change as part of that. We asked Kevin Manemann, Chief Executive Southern California at Providence, what expectations do patients now have? What are the most impactful steps you can take to meet those expectations? What home care technologies are emerging as critical? Can we sustain telehealth? Has the covered lives business grown for Providence? What does a CIN look like in Southern California? What are the technologies, the communication platforms and the data that you need to bring together? How do you move seamlessly from multiple EMR platforms to just one? What is the complexity of delivering on bundled payments and what are some of the strategies to approach that? Plus learn more about Providence St. Joseph Health’s “Own It” program and how it has impacted the organization.

Key Points:

  • When COVID hit, within 2 weeks we had 8,000 providers set up on telehealth [00:04:15
  • Have we finally gotten rid of clipboards? [00:06:21
  • About 20 to 30% of care that is provided is unnecessary [00:11:50
  • Text technology adds to a seamless patient experience [00:20:15
  • What value will 21st Century Cures create for patients and providers? [00:25:20
  • If we could monitor diabetic patients and intervene in the moments of concern, more times than not you could figure out what to do without them having to come into the emergency room [00:26:32
  • The administration that we have now really needs to put pressure on EMR vendors to open up [00:35:00
  • Providence


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