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A Data Security Deep Dive with Former Chief Technology Strategist

January 20, 2021: What are the greatest challenges around securing healthcare information today? How effective can security programs really be? Sumit Sehgal, Former Chief Technical Strategist at McAfee shows us what a good threat modeling exercise looks like and how to get your CISO, CTO and CIO working together on a cohesive strategy. Behavior mapping might not be the holy grail but what kind of things does it protect against? What's McAfee doing around alert fatigue? And with so many mergers and acquisitions going on, how do you bring two systems together safely?

Key Points:

  • Data hygiene is a problem. We need good information to feed the security system architecture so that it can produce useful data on the other side. [00:05:55
  • How do you get your CISO, CTO and CIO all in sync when it comes to security? [00:08:06]
  •  XDR: Extended Detection and Response [00:08:20
  • Machine Learning and AI process huge amounts of information in order to create a level of automation so that we can actually be responsive [00:24:25
  • Messaging fabrics is a way for us to share information bi-directionally in our systems for threat detection [00:28:42
  • McAfee


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