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October 15, 2021: Charles Boicey, CTO for Clearsense talks call centers, development, data science and information blocking with Bill. We need call centers to support so many parts of our conversation with the patient but they are not optimal. What is possible? What are the best practices? Where do development projects go off the rails? How do you manage outsource development partners? And where do we start with app development? How are we going to manage the information blocking rule? Is there any way to ensure our patients that the PHAs that connect to our EHR and request data on their behalf are safe?

Key Points:

  • NLP - Natural Language Processing and NLU - Natural Language Understanding [00:06:15
  • It's really important that you future-proof your assets [00:11:15
  • Development projects go off the rails initially when whatever we've conceived isn't in alignment with the board [00:18:38
  • What does low-code no-code look like? [00:23:16
  • Too much black boxing is going to hurt healthcare [00:34:25
  • Clearsense


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