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9 Trends Shaping Work in 2021 and Beyond

Does your company have their future work arrangement figured out yet?

Will remote workers become a new class of worker or will it be seamless?

What geographic boundaries will you place on workers? Will they be able to live in adjacent states and still be required to come on site a couple days a week? and cover their own cost of travel?

Some items from the article

we are hearing from CHROs that the surveys of their own employees are showing that men are more likely to decide to return to their workplace, while women are more likely to continue to work from home...

Given this breaking of company location and employee location, states and cities will start to use their tax policies to create incentives for individuals to relocate to their jurisdictions rather than giving tax credits solely to large companies to relocate...

Gartner’s 2020 ReimagineHR Employee Survey revealed that only 36% of employees were high performers at organizations with a standard 40-hour work week..


Perhaps there are still a lot of questions to answer.

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