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In this episode of The 2 Minute Drill, Drex covers the latest updates on the Ascension cyber attack, including the involvement of the Black Basta ransomware group and the challenges faced in recovery. He also explains the importance of updating your Google Chrome browser to protect against a new zero day vulnerability. Lastly, Drex recaps key discussions from the RSA Conference, highlighting insights on AI and cybersecurity from industry leaders and experts. Stay informed and stay secure with these quick updates!

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  Hey everyone, I'm Drex, and this is The 2 Minute Drill, brought to you exclusively by ORDR, the Connected Asset Visibility and Security Company. See every asset, protect against threats, and address compliance requirements with ease. ORDR is a great way to find and eliminate your blind spots. Find out more at thisweekhealth.

com slash ORDR, that's O R D R, thisweekhealth. com slash ORDR. On The 2 Minute Drill, we do at least three stories at least two times a week, all part of one great. community, the 229 cyber and risk community here at This Week Health. One more thing, it's really easy to be a part of the community. Go to thisweekhealth.

com slash security. Click on the join the community button. If you do that, I'll keep you updated on all the latest happenings at This Week Health. Thanks for joining me today. Here's some stuff you might want to know about. I talked about the Ascension cyber attack on Friday's Two Minute Drill. The news continues to break.

We've picked up a few more tidbits of interest. The FBI, CISA, and HHS issued an advisory on Black Basta, the organization now blamed for Ascension's attack. Black Basta is another ransomware as a service syndicate. In other cases, they've stolen data as part of the process, then given the victims about a dozen days to pay before publishing that data on the dark web.

It's reported the bad guys may have been in the network for weeks planning the attack, and while they weren't able to completely encrypt all the organization's assets due to some solid defense by the Ascension team, the stuff that has been affected likely means the recovery is going to be slow and challenging.

I'll keep you updated here as I hear more, and we'll post all the latest stories at thisweekhealth. com slash news. One of the terms you'll hear us throw around here from time to time is the phrase zero day. A lot of you know what that is, but for those of you who might need a little refresher, a zero day is a vulnerability in a piece of software or hardware that's unknown to its owners.

That means that cyber thugs who know about a zero day flaw and have weaponized it can use it to attack systems since there's no defense in place yet. Which brings me to this. If you're running Google Chrome browser, you should absolutely positively check to make sure you're running the latest update today.

Google has released a security update to fix the fifth zero day vulnerability exploited in the wild since the beginning of the year. So, Go do that right now. And last week was the RSA conference, and a lot of talk was about AI and cybersecurity, something we dove into on the last episode of Unhack the Podcast.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas talked about the newly formed AI Safety and Security Advisory Board, which includes the CEOs of OpenAI, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Nvidia, among others. In another panel, CISA Director Jen Easterly talked about AI as one of the most powerful weapons of the century, hoping defenders will be able to leverage its power effectively.

And former CISA Director Chris Krebs said he expects to see waves of AI combat between attackers and defenders in the future. And to that, I would just quote William Gibson, The future is now, it's just not evenly distributed. Thanks again to our partner, Order, the exclusive sponsor of the Two Minute Drill.

Order continuously identifies and classifies hard to find, unmanaged assets, eliminating blind spots. Check out Order AI Chasm, available now in the AWS Marketplace. And that's it for the Two Minute Drill. Thanks for your time today. Stay a little paranoid. I'll see you around campus.

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