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In today’s episode of The 2-Minute Drill, Drex dives into the latest cybersecurity developments at Microsoft, including President Brad Smith’s testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee regarding Chinese and Russian cyber attacks. We also explore Elon Musk’s recent threats against Apple over OpenAI integrations, and provide an update on the Ascension cyber attack that disrupted operations at over 140 hospitals. Stay informed with quick, insightful updates on these major tech and cybersecurity stories.

Remember, Stay a little paranoid.




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  Hey everyone, I'm Drex, and this is The Two Minute Drill, where we do at least three stories, at least two times a week, all part of one great community, the 229 Cyber Risk community, here at This Week Health. ORDR is the exclusive sponsor of The Two Minute Drill. Their latest product, Chasm, is available now in the AWS Marketplace.

It's a great way to find and eliminate blind spots. Check out thisweekhealth. com slash ORDR, that's O R D R. thisweekhealth. com slash order. Thanks for joining me today. Here's some stuff you might want to know about. On last week's drill, I talked about Microsoft and my take on how free isn't really free.

And since then, a lot of stuff has happened at Microsoft. Probably most interesting is the testimony in front of the House Homeland Security Committee by Microsoft President Brad Smith. He took full responsibility for the scathing report from the Cyber Safety Review Board in March. which outlined Chinese cyber attacks, which led to the theft of 60, 000 State Department emails.

It also described a Russia linked attack that led to the compromise of four senior executives at Microsoft and the theft of credentials that could be used to access a number of federal agencies. The report blasted Microsoft for emphasizing speed to market over security. The CSRB report made 25 recommendations.

Smith described plans to enhance Microsoft security policies and to link executive compensation to internal security goals. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they really kind of got off easy given all the, Damage and potential damage that could be done. If you're still on Twitter or X, you may have read Elon Musk's threats last week that, quote, if Apple integrates open AI at the OS level, then Apple devices will be banned at my companies.

He called the relationship an unacceptable security violation. The reaction comes after announcements at Apple's recent developers conference that they intend to superpower future versions of Apple AI. With OpenAI integrations. As a reminder, Microsoft has invested billions in OpenAI and the collaboration between the companies remains significant.

Feels more and more like every day we're watching another bad episode of Real Housewives of Tech Titans. And finally, a quick update on the Ascension cyber attack. EHRs are apparently restored for most locations, but other systems are still a work in progress. Sounds like the whole thing started when an employee clicked a link and downloaded a malicious file.

Ascension calls it an honest mistake. The cyber thugs started this mess back on May 8th, disrupting operations at more than 140 hospitals across the country. Joining the 229 Cyber and RISC community is easy. Just check out ThisWeekHealth. com slash security and then tap on join the community button. Do that, I'll keep you up to date on all the latest news and events.

Thanks as always to our partner Order, the exclusive sponsor of the Two Minute Drill. Order can help with security hygiene by identifying assets and vulnerabilities, missing critical security controls, Or out of date software. Check out thisweekhealth. com slash order for more information. And that's it for today's two minute drill.

Thanks for listening. And I'll say it again, stay a little paranoid. See you around campus.

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