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In this episode of the Two Minute Drill, Drex highlights a sophisticated AI-driven cyber scam targeting a multinational corporation, showcasing the evolving threats in the cyber landscape. Discover the importance of establishing solid verification processes within your organization to counteract these advanced tactics. Additionally, explore the untapped potential of hiring neurodiverse individuals to enhance your cybersecurity team's creativity and focus. Plus, learn about the unexpected risks posed by interconnected devices, exemplified by a massive botnet attack involving internet-connected toothbrushes in Switzerland. With the Super Bowl spotlighting the importance of heightened security measures, this episode serves as a crucial reminder to assess and fortify your cyber defenses against increasingly inventive and technological threats.

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  Hey everyone, this is Drex, and this is the Two Minute Drill. We do at least three security stories at least two times a week, all part of one great community, the 229 cyber risk community. Here's some of the stuff you probably want to know about. A couple of days ago, a Chinese multinational corporation was bilked out of more than 25 million dollars when cyber thugs used AI to create what was apparently a very convincing version of the company's CFO and several other employees.

Who then during a video conference call convinced the actual human employee to do 15 transfers to five different banks. The moral of this story is that you can't trust your eyes or your ears anymore. Do you have a solid lockdown standard process that employees can follow when they question whether the thing they're being asked to do is legitimate?

If not, it's probably time to work on it. I'm also including a story that is all about thinking differently, pun intended, about options to fill open positions for cyber professionals. I have friends who've gone down the hiring the neurodiverse road with great success, and those employees have brought incredible focus and massive creativity to the table.

The author, Jody Asbell Clark. Also has a great short TED talk on this topic, and I'll include that in the comments below. And this is a crazy story from Europe. Think about This in context of all the internet of things and internet of medical things, IoT, IOMT that you have in your healthcare organization.

All those things are actually computers and all those computers can also be hacked and used against you or someone else. And in this case, literally millions of internet connected toothbrushes were linked together in Switzerland to create a botnet or a network of robots to take down a Swiss company.

Took them completely offline in a crazy cyber attack. So this is a good reminder. Do you know everything that's on your network? And are all those things protected from the bad guys who are trying to misuse them? Finally, this weekend is the Super Bowl. Hopefully everything goes perfectly. But when the game is highly politically charged because of Taylor and the Tidend, whose name I can't remember, and it's the most watched TV event nearly every year, and it's taking place in one of the most high tech stadiums in the world, and it's one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, well, I mean, let's just all hope it goes perfectly.

Um, what I do know is that everyone is on high alert there. And that includes all the medical facilities. And that's another thing you and your exec team should be thinking about the next time there's a big event in your neighborhood, even if it's not the Superbowl, exercise and check everything cyber up.

I'm in overtime again, but this stuff is too good to pass up. I drop all the stories I talk about during this two minute drill. At ThisWeekHealth. com slash news you can find it all there. Please like and share this post and tag folks who might need these updates. I try to make this a mostly English, mostly non technical update.

That means it's okay to share it with everyone in your health system. It's good info that anyone can use. And if you want to know more about What I'm working on? Drop me a note ThisWeekHealth. com and check out the new 229 Cyber and Risk Community at ThisWeekHealth. com slash security. Stay a little paranoid.

I'll see you around campus.

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