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Join Drex in this episode of the Two Minute Drill as we delve into the forefront of cybersecurity concerns and regulations impacting the healthcare sector. From New York's new cybersecurity regulations to HHS's latest performance goals, get the essential cheat sheet on what's happening. Plus, an urgent call to action on Avani VPN vulnerabilities and a look back at the lessons from the Blackbaud breach. And for a lighter note, HP's stance on non-HP ink invites skepticism amid serious cybersecurity dialogues. Stay informed, stay involved, and let's tackle these cybersecurity challenges together.

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  Hey everyone, I'm Drex, and this is the Two Minute Drill. We do at least three great stories at least two times a week, all part of one great community, the 229 Cyber at Risk community. Here's some stuff you might want to know about. Well, as Phil Connor said once upon a time, it's Groundhog Day. Again, so let's start with the story on coming cyber regulation, especially in healthcare.

We're clearly going to see more of this. New York's already underway. HHS just dropped CPGs, the cybersecurity performance goals, and you should know about those. So I'll post a cool little cheat sheet on CPGs in the comments. There's really no wonder the government's more involved now, though. If you listen to Chris Ray from the FBI and Jen Easterly from CISA testify, uh, congressional hearings this week, I mean, scary, and you should go watch the highlights.

Uh, and the Chinese are clearly inside. Check your Avani VPNs and do remediation ASAP. I normally won't get into technical stuff here, but instructions for the remediations are on the CISA webpage, and there's links to that and other stories. about this on thisweekhealth. com slash news. Just scroll down to security.

And then there's the Blackbaud story, one of the first big third party breaches from way back in 2020. One of those events where like dozens of health systems had to report to the HHS while ashamed that they'd been breached, even though it was a third party who had actually been breached. Yeah, those guys at Blackbaud, they're getting smacked around a bit by the Federal Trade Commission and some state AGs.

But let this be your lesson to go look at your own data retention policies, especially the retention policies you have. or maybe haven't, written in all your third party agreements. And finally, the HP printer folks are saying that they don't want you to use non HP ink in their printers because of hackers.

So even with everything I just said about third party risk, on this one I say Come on, man. We didn't just fall off a truck and hit our head on the way down. That HP printer ink is expensive. Who prints anymore anyway? Hey, don't forget you can help crowdsource all these stories, everything I talk about here.

Just hit thisweekhealth. com slash news and then click on become a contributor. It's actually super easy because you'll get a text number and then you can just text stories you want to share to that number. And we'll vet them quickly and they'll go on to the site. And that's also the place where I drop all the stories I talk about here on The Two Minute Drill.

So we're in overtime, sorry. Uh, like and share this post, follow my new podcast on Hacking Healthcare, and find out more about the 229 Cyber and Risk Community and all the cool upcoming events, roundtables, city tours, how you can get involved. All that is at thisweekhealth. com slash security. Stay a little paranoid.

I'll see you around campus.

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