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Sue Schade wrote a great article on the vaccine distribution. I particularly like the human interest side, we all know people who are waiting or who have driven 500 miles to get the vaccine. 

Her article is a great resource for anyone looking to dig a little deeper into this subject.

Sue strikes an optimistic note in the article that we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

I am much more optimistic. In fact I think the Presidents plan is what we call Sandbagging. If we don't hit 100M doses administered by April 29th, which will be the presidents 100th day in office I will be dumbfounded.

The previous president had ordered 400M doses before this president ordered 200M more. I'm not sure why we need 600M doses for 328M Americans, but maybe we are getting the Costco discount. Moderna has said they will deliver 100M doses by the end of the first quarter, oh and that number doesn't include Pfizer or J&J. CVS, Walgreens and Walmart haven't been a part of the distribution yet. We are rolling out FEMA to administer the vaccine. You get the picture, if they deliver the vaccine and people want the vaccine we should blow past that number without breaking a sweat. 

Just sayin. 

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