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Dan Burton

Dan Burton serves as CEO and Board Member at Health Catalyst, a mission-driven healthcare data and analytics technology and services company, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was fortunate to become involved with Health Catalyst at an early stage, as an investor and as an advisor, when there were three team members, in January 2011. His role expanded to full-time companywide leadership starting in the summer of 2011.

He is passionate about transforming healthcare, improving outcomes, data, analytics, company culture and values. Health Catalyst focuses its recruitment and retention on team members who exhibit four cultural attributes -- namely, team members who are continuous learners, hard-working, humble, and who strive to be world-class. They expect every team member to embody these attributes each day. They do not micro-manage but instead ask team members to utilize their company's four operating principles (improvement, ownership, respect and transparency) to guide their decisions.

Health Catalyst transitioned from venture-backed private company to NASDAQ-listed public company (HCAT) through its July 2019 IPO.



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