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Christine (Fernandez) Brocato

System VP, Strategic Innovation

CommonSpirit Health

Christine (Fernandez) Brocato

Christine (Fernandez) Brocato is the System VP of Strategic Innovation at CommonSpirit Health. Healthcare professional with an emphasis on innovation, digital and strategic planning. Experience working in payer/provider, biopharmaceutical, and medical device organizations. Passionate about using innovation to enable quality, affordable and convenient care for people of all socio-economic backgrounds.



Given all the robust research about collaborative care, about two years ago Medicare released collaborative care codes and then many major payers followed suit. That was a wonderful win for healthcare because it recognized that this type of model, integrating behavioral health care with primary care produces results.
Social needs come to the surface during behavioral health conversations. When you are talking to your therapist, you may disclose that you have anxiety because you cannot pay for your utility bill. Or that you are food insecure. And so we’re working out workflows and really starting to connect a variety of programs so that overall we can treat patients holistically.
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